PERSONAL IS POWERFUL! Share your vision and wow the world.

It’s an irony of modern technology: the internet makes it possible to reach more people than ever before, but the fact that it’s an electronic medium makes the web, by definition, impersonal. The larger the online community grows, the more important authentic personal connection becomes. With so many voices out there, yours runs the risk of being drowned out—unless it’s clear, true and consistent! In order to reach all those potential new clients in cyberspace, you need to communicate your vision effectively and authentically.

That’s where we come in; Personal Brand Makeover is a web design and development firm that’s as interested in touching your soul as it is in raising your salary. We specialize in personal branding, marketing strategy, online identity, and custom web design and development—and we do it all working from the belief that your individuality is your greatest asset. It’s a philosophy we think is just as important as our technological expertise. From OK to “Oh, Wow!”

Too many people—even successful thought leaders—treat their website like a formality, assuming that if it’s functional, it’s just fine. That works if all you want to do is retain your current level of success. But to take your business or project to the next level, you need a site that’s truly special and personal, one that will make new viewers want to know more about you, your company, or your next initiative.

Every client project starts with a discovery session to get to the root of the qualities that make you, and your business, distinct. After that, the process depends on the scope of your project. We can help you customize, and create unforgettable content for, a simple template site through our IDentity package. Or we can custom-design a couture site and build it from scratch with all the electronic bells and whistles, from video to ecommerce. We can create branded biographies, logos, and strategic social media plans à la carte, or put it all together into one unique blog-site featuring customized videos that capture your personality.

Whatever you choose, you can feel good knowing that a portion of your fee goes to support the educational initiative MyPath101, our web app which focuses on making college more accessible to underserved students from application through graduation. And you can rest assured that you’ll get our commitment and creativity, and a knock-their-socks-off site that will transform your business, brand, or project. Whether you’re an artist, a career coach, or a CEO, we’ll help you turn your vision into a breathtaking reality.

That’s what we do: we’re innovative brand strategists, web specialists, and social media masters. As for what you do, we’re eager to help you do it better. Contact us and together we’ll look at where you are and chart a path to where you want to go. Then, we’ll help you tell the world what makes you one-of-a-kind—and ensure that when you talk, the world listens.